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  Multi-jet Global Logistics co.,ltd is an international freight transportation that was establish by the commerce department approval to act for the business enterprise,My company owns a character excellent,master in talented person's troops of transport the business,provide for the customer with all sincerity quickly, efficiently,the air freight,sea transportation of the safety,land transportation, and warehouse,the maritime customs pays customs duties the procedure etc. a dragon service.
Our company contracts for job the international agency business of each kind of import and export airfreight,sea transportation,land transportation,include: Withdraw the goods,order the cabin,warehouse,pay customs duties,company the check report check,wins to turn,gather to pack the whole case,put together the box and settle accounts to carry the miscellaneous fee and deal each kind of air freight and related conveyances such as the sea transportation insurance and express delivery etc.s service and consult with the service.I take charge of according to the customer's various logistics request,providing the design and carrying out and managing the logistics in customer's supply chain need,providing the superior quality with the lowest cost,quickest speed,efficiently of conveyance service.
 Our company keeps the good interactive cooperative relation with each big airline of Chinese southern aviation( group) company Guangzhou business department,Chinese international airline Guangzhou business department,Thai international aviation the public's limited company,Indonesia airline,Malaysia airline,Vietnam airline,HAN2 YA3 's airline,Japanese airline...etc. now,and possess the freight transportation agency, order the cabin and go together with to carry the power,can accept the freight transportation conveyance business of each port of world.
 Our company now several many paths of flight,the advantage spreads all over the world-wide locations,mainly has Australia,Southeast Asia,Japan,Korea,middle east, Europe,beautiful add etc.Especially Australia Sydney,special line of Melbourne can provide the pure pass,parties to send,cash on delivery,the collection payment etc. business.
 Our company since establish,the business scale extends continuously,with the superior quality efficiently of service win the trust and the reputation of the domestic and international customer.Because taking air freight as the conveyance of the core management of diversified development strategy,effort for the customer's need for direction,build up strategic colleague's help with it to make the relation, found diversified special features management of our company,make company ability for domestic and international the customer provide superior quality of comprehensive service of one-stop freight transportation.And our company also acts for the company with oversea several freight transportationses to make a contract,can provide the oversea pure pass lift the goods and send to send for the customer,the generation send,the collection payment etc.superior quality service.
 We can 24 hours provide to at any time come to accept the goods etc. service.
 Company commitment:Entrust the conveyance goods of our company from the customer beginning, we will to the whole conveyance process carry on the direct be responsible for, to insure you's goods with the most short time, the lowest cost safety arrives the destination.
 From the bottom of the heart thankful go together at home and abroad and the public friend many in the last years to our trust and support.
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