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Gather to pack the conveyance( FCL):We make use of Guangzhou、Shenzhen、Hong Kong three intensive advantage of big and international port regular steamship services,the equipment inland trailer,medium the harbor trailer,in spite of the sailing schedule request is how urgent,we can provide vivid and diverse choice for the customer,include different since the luck port,such as wharf of Guangzhou、Shenzhen and Hong Kong;Different ship company,such as the APL、OOCL、 MSC etc.Cut the pass period differently,from Monday to Sunday.

Spread the goods puts together the box( LCL):Our company cooperates with many large logistics companies,providing Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Hong Kong to main port,inland in world to order of spread the goods to put together a box of service.We according to difficult easy degree of the demand of the customer and the customs clearance of the goodses,combine the concrete operation difference of three grounds of maritime customses of Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Hong Kong,the vivid arrangement puts together a box of conveyance of goods and pays customs duties,insure the customer and can send to the destination with the lowest cost safety.

The sea transportation import:Our company can pass the abroad that it is more perfect agency network, for the country inside the importer provides to import the sea transportation service.Request according to the customer at rising to carry the harbor arrangement to gather to pack the conveyance,provide the whole case to lift the goods and dismantle a box of cent to stir,pay customs duties the report check in the local purpose harbor,six empty transport etc. service.

Spread the sundries conveyance:Our company cooperates with domestic and international several ship ownerses,acting for to rent the ship, providing China to the world-wide locations to spread the sundries deep-sea conveyance.

Sea transportation kit service:Full exertive its profession of our company pays customs duties the advantage,providing a field of wharf to reserve the empty cabinet,trailer,company for the customer check,pay customs duties a dragon service.As long as tell your need,the remaining affair hands over to us,you can at any time control the goods to circulate the circumstance,can be place oneself in the tedious logistics link again outside,better devote one's mind the international market- This is the value that we create for you.

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