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 Our company is through the approval in the industry and business bureau of Guangdong,conduct the national class agency of the international aviation freight transportation,can provide the appropriate and thoughtful global and professional aviation freight transportation service for the customer.Today,we with systematize,the network turn,diversifies the body of the logistics supplier, serving to are strong with domestic and international international trade industry and time limited efficacies and request each kind of high production business enterprise,paying attention to the superior quality service,steady can believe and control the low cost operation principle,thus win numerous customers with their trust of pole and support,the goods category handle by we include universal,can stretch to postpone to each corner in world.Modern several flight paths of reason of our company,the advantage spreads all over the world-wide locations,mainly having Australia,Southeast Asia,Japan,Korea,middle east,Europe,beautiful add etc.Especially Sydney,special line of Melbourne of the Australia can provide the pure pass,parties to send,cash on delivery,the collection loan company keeps the good interactive cooperative relation with each big airline of Chinese southern aviation( group) company Guangzhou business department,Chinese international airline Guangzhou business department,Thai international aviation the public's limited company, Indonesia airline,Malaysia airline,Vietnam airline,HAN2 YA3 's airline,Japanese,and possess the freight transportation agency,order the cabin and go together with to carry the power and can accept the freight transportation conveyance business of a port of world.
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